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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, June 27, 2005

We Like To Party

I was invited to a big bash at my friend Michael's house last Saturday night.
I didn't promise or anything, but I said I would most likely be there. I really was planning on making a cameo appearance, just to say hello and mingle for a few minutes, but then I didn't get out of work 'til late, in my haste to get to work I forgot to bring a change of clothes, and then I got to thinking better of going when I thought of how early I had to be up the next day . . .
Bottom line, I didn't go. And then I was kicking myself in the ass the next day when I heard how fabulous it was.
But knowing me, I wouldn't have wanted to leave (Mike's parties last all night long) and I would've been one of the Living Dead the next day, trying to serve breakfast all hung over.
Being responsible sucks!

Speaking of parties, I'm helping plan a farewell party for my friend Michelle who is moving to PA.
It's to be a "surprise" party, but nobody I know can keep their big mouths shut, so I doubt it will be much of a surprise.
There's been talk of hiring a male stripper for this thing.
Sounds good to me!

The 70's Retro Disco Party me and the husband (the husband and I?) are planning has been pushed back 'til sometime in August.
We still need to do more things to the basement, buy some strobe lights, lava lamps and a disco ball.
I'm almost done with the invites, though!

Not much else going on.
Rico needs a bath really bad. He has fleas!