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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Crime Doesn't Pay

My restauarant got robbed the other day at gunpoint.
This was the other day, and it was way before the restaurant opened, and I wasn't there yet, but I heard all about it from the people who witnessed it.
This is a true story.

Anyway, they come in through the back door, which was unlocked and opened (a big no-no security-wise) with guns drawn, bandannas over their faces. They confiscate all the cell phones from the back of the house employees. They get the manager to open the safe, and they take all the money (except the change) and they zoom away. It was all over in about 20 minutes.
It seemed they committed the perfect crime, but . . .

Little did the would-be criminals know, but immediatly before they arrived the opening waitresses got there to set up for the day. Well, as soon as the waitresses see something is up they call 911.

    "Help! There's people with guns robbing the restaurant!"
Meanwhile . . . the security cameras are getting absoloutely everything on tape. (There's almost no place you can't be seen on camera in the restaurant, except the bathrooms, of course.)
Meanwhile . . . someone in the KFC parking lot across the street had seen the guys exit the car with bandannas on and guns drawn and thought there might possibly be something suspicious going on and jotted down the lisence plate number and called 911.

Only a few seconds after the criminals fled, the police were on the scene.
A few seconds later, hard copy of the surveillece footage was in the hands of the police and a trace of the car the robbers were driving was being conducted.
Even with their "disguises" the restaurant workers had recognized one guy as the guy who works as a grill cook and his name and info was pulled from employee records.

The police caught the guys not even an hour later, buying new gear at the mall across the street.
Most of the money was recovered.

I'm no criminal mastermind by any stretch of the imagination, but there were a few flaws (or perhaps I should say gaping holes) in their master plan.

  • It's really dumb to rob the place you work. Unless you're disguise is really, really good, somebody is bound to recognize you. A halloween mask would have been a good idea. Robbing someplace else where people don't know you would have been an even better idea.
  • One of the guys worked there, so he knew about the security cameras. Even with the bandanna, the police were able to recognize the guys because they didn't even bother to change their outfits afterward. They should have worn jumpsuits or overalls or something.
  • If you're going to confiscate cell phones so someone doesn't call 911, make sure you get everyone's phone! Everybody has a cell phone these days.
  • He used his own car in the robbery. Duh! If he was going to do that, he should have stolen plates from a similar vehicle and switched them beforehand, then you switch them back afterward. That's what they do in the movies.
  • He robs a restaurant and then decides to go shopping? What the hell was he thinking? You lay low and see if the heat is on. Then, if you think you've gotten away with it, you go on your shopping spree.
Crime doesn't pay. Remember that, folks!