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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Right Vs. Left (or Vice Versa)

The human brain is composed of two seperate hemispheres connected together by a thick cable of nerves at the base of each brain.

The left side of the brain is where analytical thought and logic takes place. This is the home of facts, rules, language, and science. This is also where all the data from everything the person did or experienced is stored.

The right side deals mainly with emotional thought and imagination. This is where creativity, artistic expression, fantasy, and "feelings" occur. All emotional responses (happiness, disgust, surprise, suspiciousness, sadness, horror and anger, among others) all come from the right side of the brain.

Let's take a journey into Jimmy's brain, (it'll be an adventure!) and see how this works.

Right Side: Ew! That old fat guy with his shirt off is gross! He should be made to put something on!
Left Side: It's a hot day. He's just trying to keep cool.
Right Side: But he's so disgusting! Pale jiggly hairy flab hanging out everywhere!
Left Side: He has just as much right to so shirtless as anyone else.
Right Side: Ugh! It's making me sick!
Left Side: You don't have to look at him.
Right Side: I know! But it's so amazingly revolting I can't help it!
Left Side: You're being overemotional again. If he was an Abercrombie model you'd feel differently.
Right Side: Overemotional? Did you forget who you're talking to? Wait! Did you say Abercrombie?! Woo-hoo!
Left Side: That's just like you to lapse into a sexual fantasy at any given moment.