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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Do Not Assume

Situation #1: My buddy Mike got a job at my restaurant.
False Assumption: Well, if he's a good friend of mine, he must be gay, too! Right?
Fact: He's totally straight, but secure enough in his own sexuality that we can hang and he doesn't care what people might think. He knows who and what he is.Situation #2: I'm seen sitting at a bar with another guy (who's not my husband) and we're whispering to one another and laughing, and obviously having fun.
False Assumption: I must be cheating on my husband!
Fact: I've known Michael for over fifteen years. He's like a brother to me, and it's very apparent how close we are whenever we get together.

Situation #3: My husband got a promotion at my restaurant.
False Assumption: I'm on the gravy train now. I have less work to do and I can get away with more than anybody.
Fact: In order to prove there's no favoritism going on he has to be harder on me than everyone else. I have more work to do, less privileges, and get away with less than anyone else in the restaurant. (I'm not bitching. I knew what his promotion would mean before he even accepted it.)

I hear the whispers and the gossip.
You think I can't hear what they're saying?
I have bionic ears and I hear it all.

"He's cute, but he's Jimmy's friend so he's probably queer."

"That guy Jimmy is so chummy with is most definitely not his husband. I always thought they were cheating on one another. Their relationship seemed too good to be true."

"Jimmy's got it easy now that G. became a supervisor. You just know he's not going to be as hard on Jimmy as he is on us."

I guess people don't think I can hear very well. Or maybe they don't care if I hear. Or possibly they want me to hear in order to provoke a reaction from me.

I will let everyone keep their assumptions.
Let everyone gossip and whisper, I know what the real story is.

And now, so do you.