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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Enquiring Minds Want To Know!

Hey, you! (Yes, you!) I would like you to answer a few burning questions, please.
Even if you got here by accident (looking for porn, for instance) why not take a minute of your time and help a brotha out?
I asked these questions to all of my co-workers and almost everyone I came in contact with yesterday and everyone answered them exactly the same way, so it's got me curious.
The results of my queries will follow, but for now here are the questions:

Question #1:
If your boyfriend /girlfriend /spouse /significant other left their cell phone unattended, would you go through it? (Reading the text messages, seeing who called, listening to the voice mail, looking at the photos, etc.)

Question #2:
If you left your cell phone unattended and you later found out your boyfriend /girlfriend /spouse /significant other had gone through it, would you be angry or upset?

Leave your answers in the comments section below. Please be honest!

The Results:
100% of the people I asked Question #1 said they would go through the cell phone "just to see what was on it". Even if they trusted him/her they would still look.
Most people queried said they "hated to admit" that they would do it, but that they probably wouldn't be able to help themselves.
A very few people said they would confess to such an act after the fact, -- as long as there wasn't anything questionable found.
Most people answered this question immediately and emphatically, without hesitation. "Damn right I would!" They didn't have to think too hard about it.

100% of the people I asked Question #2 said they would be angry or upset if they found someone had been going through their cell phone.
A few people stated that they might get "violently angry" if they found out, regardless if there was anything questionable to be found.
One lonely querent stated they would be upset, but they would "expect that they would look. It's human nature to be curious.".
Some people realized the hypocrisy and irony in how they answered the questions, however most did not. Of the people that made this realization, I allowed them to change their response to Question #1, but all of them said they "would do it anyway."

This leads me to conclude . . .
1. Absolutely no one has any trust for anyone else, and nobody has any respect for anyone else's privacy. And . . .
2. Virtually everyone has the upmost regard for their own privacy.

I, for one, am appalled!

And as for me . . .
I would have to answer the questions the very same way!
I'll admit it.
It sucks that I am such a hypocrite, but it sucks even more that I am exactly like everyone else! I had hoped to be better.
Oh, well!

Anyway, how would you answer?