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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, August 08, 2005

A Five Minute Story

Nude In The House Of The Doomed

On the way to the After-The Club-Closes Party at Evan's house I knew I shouldn't have had those last two shots. My stomach was weaving and lurching in my torso and I could almost hear all the liquor I'd consumed sloshing around inside.
Josh's driving didn't help any either. With a great effort I managed to unroll the window of the truck and the cool breeze chilled the sweat on my face and forehead, but did little to invigorate me.
"You OK?" Josh asked.
"I think I drank too much" I managed to mumble.
"We'll be there soon."

There were three carloads of us going to Evan's. Of the dozen or so I knew only Josh.
I had wanted to go home, it was Josh's idea to go to this thing.
"Come on! It'll be fun." Josh pleaded, "Smoke a little weed, have a few beers, meet some new people! You're always saying you never meet anybody new."
It's true, I did say that all the time.

Memories of getting out of the truck and into the house are hazy. Everybody was being introduced to everyone and Evan, the host, was passing beers around. Someone else was kneeling at the coffee table rolling joints. I waved the beer Evan offered me away and asked where the bathroom was.
"Down the hall, the last door on the left."

I was kneeling on the bathroom floor, forehead resting on the cool porcelain bowl, my breath coming in ragged gasps. I could smell the sick in my nose and taste it in my mouth, and I sincerely hoped I was done. I think I might have passed out for a couple of minutes there, hugging the toilet bowl, head resting on my arm.
When it was obvious it was over, I wiped my mouth and chin with some toilet paper and wiped off the toilet bowl and flushed the disgusting mess away.
Luckily I had managed to hit my target and there was nothing on the floor or the bathroom carpet to clean up or apologize for.
I freshened myself up the best I could (Thank God there were Dixie cups and Listerine in the medicine cabinet!) and walked back to the living room.

The "party" had devolved into an full-blown orgy. A porno was on the large screen TV and the living room was a sea of naked bodies and sexual positions, like an obscene game of Twister.
A guy (cute, blond) at the edge of the fray grabbed my crotch and then tried to unzip my jeans. Someone else (brawny, dark hair, goatee) grabbed me from behind and took my t-shirt off over my head and started playing with my nipples.
I saw Josh standing across the room, totally oblivious to everything but the two guys kneeling at his feet, one in front and the other behind.

I stepped out of my jeans and slid my briefs down to my ankles and stepped out of those too.