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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, August 05, 2005

One Apple And A Can Of Tuna

Christian Bale lost a little over 60 pounds to play the lead in the film The Machinist.
How did he do it?
By subsiding on one apple and a can of tuna per day.

"The Machinist's bare, stripped-down design complements both the film's conceptual leanness and Bale's emaciated body. Lest he seem like a sadistic movie director, Anderson explains that the star wasn't quite as unhealthy as he looked. 'He looks pretty awful when he takes off his shirt but we also amped it up a little with lighting,' he says. 'Every time we had a scene where you saw his body, he wouldn't drink any liquids for 24 hours before so he'd look even more sinewy. He also said that he was popping vitamin B12 because he thought it made his muscles stick out more too. This shows you how insane Christian Bale is.'"