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Life is only what you wonder.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Shirt

First things first: Congratulations to Tony for his blog's first anniversary!


The first one is the major milestone.
I know when my blog had it's first blog-iversary (on April 8th, 2003) I was like, "Wow! Incredible!"
I was amazed at myself for sticking to it that long.
But, after awhile blogging gets in your blood. You can't imagine not blogging any more. It's like smoking cigarettes. You start it by trying to be cool and hip and because everyone else is doing it, and before you know it -- you're hooked.
I'm never giving it up! Never, I tell you!
(Whoops! Got a little carried away there! I guess I should reign it in a bit.)

When Tony first approached me about the Shirt Heard 'Round The World Project, I replied I would be more than happy to participate.
Tony is an amazing, incredible, awesome (there aren't enough adjectives) guy and I would bend over backward (heh!) to do anything he asked of me.

About the project? Here's the deal:
You receive the shirt, you put some kind of "mark" on it (a drawing, a message, some sequins, whatever) and your name and blog URL. Then you take a photo of you wearing it and post it on your blog and send the shirt to the next recipient who will then do the same (and so on, and so on).
Eventually, the scribbled on, drawn on, painted, sequined, glitterized, utterly defaced shirt gets back to Tony by September 1st, 2006, by his second blog-iversary.
Pretty cool concept, huh?
(Yeah, I thought so, too!)

(BTW, these t-shirts are effin' hella cool, yo! I'm going to order one that I can keep for myself. A white one with the logo in red, I think, since red is my favorite color. My birthday is coming up -- I should treat myself!)

Anyway, not only did Tony choose me (yeah, me!) to particiapte, but I was to be the first to put my "mark" on the shirt.
Oh my God -- the pressure! I can't handle it! I'm not worthy!
It was like deflowering a virgin, writing on that pristine new shirt.
I paused, Sharpie in hand, over that brand-new shirt, and in those few seconds before the marker hit the fabric, I heard the voice of God.
No shit!
(God has a deep, sexy, resonant voice, and he speaks slowly and with a slight southern drawl, surprisingly enough.)

Then, just like deflowering a virgin, after the deed was done I thought of how I could have done it better.
I could have put my handprint on it using tempera; I could have written "pinch me" with an arrow where the the nipples would be; I could have done a dozen different things than what I did do, which was to write "What up, Tony! Happy blog-iversary! -- Your buddy, Jimmy --AKA Wonder Boy".
(I wanted to do it fairly quickly, though. This shirt is going 'Round the World. That's going to take some time, right?)

Anyhoo, I did it. The shirt will be on it's way to the next recipient (Jonah, the Muscle Boy in Training) soon.
God knows what he (and all the others) will do to it, but my part in the project is done. I was proud, honored, and overjoyed to participate.

Thanks to Tony, not only for asking me to participate, but also for being a great pal as well.

I got nothin' but love in my heart for you, Tone!
I'm the number one fan of the man.
You're the greatest!