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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, September 19, 2005

The Dating Game Sucks

Imagine me, dating again after six and a half years!
Bizarre, but that's just what I did.

A friend of mine told me of a guy (not a friend of his, per se --just somebody he knows)who was "looking for a boyfriend. You would like him." and asked if he could give the guy my number.
I'm always down with meeting new people, so I said sure.

So he (the guys name is Justin, BTW) calls me and the first thing I'm put off by is this guy's voice, high pitched and nasally. Not like a woman's voice, but not like a man's either.
But I disregard that for the time being. It's not wise to be too judgemental. After all, there's nobody perfect.

We exchange photos via cell phone picture mail and he's really cute.
Like "Teen Idol" cute.
You could imagine the photo he sent being on the cover of the next Tiger Beat or something.
So, that was a definite plus. (I sound really shallow, I know, but I can't help it.)

So we have several other phone conversations over the next few days and this guy seems pretty cool.
I ask can we meet for cocktails somewhere and he says he can't, he's only 19.
Totally wasn't expecting that. Was he too young for me? Was I too old for him?

But then I considered how mature I was at 19 (my own apartment, full-time job, paying all my bills by myself) and thought that maybe it wouldn't be that much of a big deal.
Keep an open mind, Jimmy, I told myself.

So we agree to meet at his place.

Well, when I got there and he answered the door, it turned out that he looked like his photo, or else I would have been out of there before you could say "knife".
But what the photos didn't prepare me for was how nelly he was. He flittered and fluttered around, and his hands were like two birds flying this way and that when he spoke.


You can't help what you're attracted to, and that's a fact.
Conversely, you also can't help what your not attracted to, and Justin's feminine mannerisms were a turn-off for me. A little is OK, but he was flaming so much I kept wishing I had a fire extinguisher.

Anyway, we watched Hedwig and the Angry Itch on his DVD (really good movie, BTW. I highly reccomend it) and then we made out a little. He grabbed me and started kissing me during the closing credits, but my heart wasn't really in it, although Justin seemed to enjoy it.
But it wasn't long before I said goodbye, it was fun, and headed home.

On my way home I receive a text from him:
Next time I want your c*ck in my mouth, then I want you to f*ck me!


This guy said he wanted a boyfriend, and he's acting like a total slutpuppy. If I wanted a NSA* sex encounter, I could have one. Finding someone at a club who you're attracted to and who's attracted to you and going home and doing the dirty deed is one of the easiest things you can do.
I don't know what I was looking for, exactly, but it wasn't that.

So, I doubt I'll be seeing Justin again. It just wasn't a good match.

But like all experiences, good or bad, this one taught me something.
Dating sucks.
My right hand is going to be my best friend for a little while longer, but I'm OK with that.

*No Strings Attached