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Life is only what you wonder.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Five Minute Story

Make It Last

It was just one of those things, you know?

I was sitiing at the bar, kind of feeling depressed because I had no man in my life, and I was drinking too much, which was only making it worse.
(Sorrows float in alcohol.)
And the damn Patsy Cline music someone played on the jukebox wasn't helping matters any.
Then he walked in, scanned the room, then came and sat on the stool right next to me.

You know how you can just look at someone, and just know without knowing, that you could very easily fall in love with them?
Maybe physically their your ideal "type". Maybe it's the way they walk, or the way their eyes sparkle, or the way they smoke their cigarette.
Maybe it's the shape of their hands, the long tapering fingers.
Or the color of their hair or the fullness and curling of their lips when they grin at you.

Sometimes you just know.
There's an instant attraction, an instant connection.

Maybe this has never happened to you, and if so you probably just won't understand.
It's OK, I'm used to that by now.

He was from out of state (Arizona) visiting friends that live here, he said.
He had a boyfriend at home whom he'd been with for over three years, and whom he loved very much, he said.
He was leaving tomorrow morning to go back home, he said.

And all through our conversation his eyes were telling me he wanted me.
I wanted him, too.

Thinking back, I can't remember who made the first move. Our eyes were making love long before anything physical happened.
All I do remember is Erasure ("Chains of Love") was playing on the jukebox and his mouth was on mine, his arms were around me and mine were around him and his kisses were making me breathless.

We went back to my place.
Although I knew he was cheating on his boyfriend being with me, I didn't care. That was his bad Karma, not mine. And if he felt guilty for it afterwards, well that's not my problem either.
And all through our lovemaking (passionate as it was) these thoughts were going through my head:

    Make it last, this will never happen again.
    Make it all that he wants, and everything that I need.
    Make it last, because we're not making any promises. He'll be gone forever tomorrow.
Sometimes you have to take what you can get.