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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ready For Action!

I had a dream that Tony and I were superheroes and I posted it on here the way I sometimes do when I have an interesting dream (that I can actually remember).

Well, when I checked my INBOX early (like around 2AM) Monday morning, what do my bleary eyes see before me? Tony had read my post and sent me a drawing that he did of us in superhero gear! What a nice surprise!
This is the very first time someone has created a graphic or picture for me.
Thanks, Tony!

The drawing is quite good, actually, as you can see for yourself. He got my face and my hair perfect, and with just a few lines.

Some random thoughts:

  • I hope we're fighting crime someplace warm. In the wintertime we would get pretty chilly in those outfits!
  • Look at the buges in our tights. We are humongous!
    (Those must be our secret weapons, and they look pretty powerful by the size of them.)
  • Look at the cute swashbuckler boots Tony is wearing!
  • We look like a pretty dynamic team, don't we?

    Never just content to leave things just as they are, I immediatly set to work on the graphic, adding text and word balloons to make it look like a comic book cover.
    What do you think? Pretty spiffy, huh?