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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Must Be The Poltergeists

Part of my duties as a server is clearing dishes and plates that are finished from the table.
Most people put plates that they're done with on the edge of their table, and as I walk by I can quietly, but efficiently, place the plates on my tray and take them to the dishroom.

I do it quietly as to not interrupt any conversations that are going on.
Service is best when it's effortless (to the guest). Condiments, refills, and side items appear as if by magic. Dirty dishes just disappear, also as if by magic.
I'm like David Copperfield. (The magician, not the Dickens character.)
It's like they have a fairy waiting on them.
Aactually, they do have a fairy waiting on them, but we won't go there.)

Anyway, this couple had finished with their salad plates and they (the plates) were sitting at the edge of the table.
Here I come, tray in hand, and I grab the plates and start to quietly slide them onto my tray when the woman starts shrieking and scrabbling for the plates.
I am, of course, a little taken aback. What's in Sam Hill wrong with this woman?

The woman notices me, and then exhales deeply and puts her hand to her chest and then says, "Oh, my! I didn't see you there! I got scared because I thought the plates werre moving all by themselves!"
I, of course reply, "Oh, that's OK. How is everything?"
"Oh, just fine. Everything is great!" she answers.

But that whole exchange got me thinking. . .

  • What kind of world does this woman live in where plates go flying off tables all by themselves?

  • Are the laws of gravity different in her universe?
    "Harold! Gravity's going sideways again, better tie down the dog!"

  • Did she see Fantasia one too many times?
    "The plates are growing legs and walking off by themselves! AAAAGH!"

  • Is she plagued by evil spirits?
    Is there an exorcist in the house?
It's one of those things that make you go "Hmmmm".