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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, December 30, 2005

What Have We Learned?

The year is coming to a close, and now it's time to look back and see what this year has taught us.
It's not the time for making resoloutions or promises to ourselves that we just can't keep. Life is about experiences, and everything we do (or don't do) teaches us something -- whether we want it to, or not.

In this year I've learned . . .

. . .to watch what comes out of my mouth, although I will probably slip up again somewhere, somehow.
. . .people are evil. Well, not everyone, but there are alot of them.
. . . to cherish the people I love while they're still here.
. . . sleep deprivation is nothing to fool around with.
. . . everything would go much smoother if people would just let me do my job!
. . . Red Bull, for me, is just not a good idea.
. . . sometimes life can be like a scene from a movie.
. . . there are still some things I haven't done! Amazing!
. . . Rico looks exactly like Triumph, the insult comedy dog.
. . . the streets aren't safe so watch your back!
. . . breaking up is hard to do.
. . . Jury Duty blows.
. . . I would make a damn fine Super-Hero.
. . . Big Brother is here.
. . . Alternate Universes really do exist.
And I know I have yet to learn even more.

P.S. Just in case I don't get a chance to post before the new year, have a good one!