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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Have You Seen Them, Too?

I was surfing the net, and came across this article about The Shadow People.
And it struck me to the core, because I've seen the Shadow People!.

Before you write me off as crazy, hear me out.
I used to see them all the time, but not so much lately. I never called them that, though, I called them "imps". They're not there all the time, and you don't really get a full-on look at them. They're there in the corner of your eye and when you turn your head they dart into the shadows and disappear. They're small (no bigger than a foot high) and dark-grey to black in color. They don't have faces or mouths (that you can see), but they do have red eyes that glow. They're kind of scary when you first see them, but I used to see them all the time in my room when I was a kid, and I kind of got used to them. "Go away, imp!" I would say when I saw them in the corner under my dresser.

Whenever I would tell people I saw an imp in the shadow of the corner of the room, people would give me that "your crazy" look.
"But there was a little black imp right there just a second ago! I swear!"

Anyway, nobody can explain the phenomena. Demons, ghosts, aliens, a trick of the eyes, delusions -- all have been believed to be the cause of the "shadow people".

I don't know about all that, I'm just glad to know that other people have seen them too.
Doesn't mean I'm not crazy, it just means that I'm not the only one.