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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rub It The Right Way

Everything's almost back to normal.
My stitches were removed from around my right eye, and you can't even hardly tell that anything had happened.

But if it's not one thing, it's another, right? I was told that it's really imortant that I rub the skin under my right eye in an upward motion, like, all the time. Every second I'm not doing anything else, I'm supposed to massage the skin under my eye.
Otherwise my lower eyelid will droop and I'll look like Jonah Hex or something.

So I rub.
I rub it while I'm drinking my morning coffee. I rub it while I'm chatting on the phone. I rub it while I'm watching TV.
I'm even rubbing it right now, and if you think it's easy to type one-handed while rubbing your lower eyelid in an upward motion, you try it sometime.

Haven't done much of anything lately except work. I've been dying to go out and paint the town pink, but with being out of work so long, the bills have gotten crazy.
It's Blockbuster and cheap vodka at home for a little while 'til I get caught up.

Speaking of bills, if I had a weaker constitution, the bill from the hospital that arrived the other day would have sent me to intensive care.
Nearly $12, 000!
They better be satisfied with monthly installments, 'cause it's not like I can just write a check for that amount.

But all is not gloomy and bleak. I'm in a good mood, everything's fine at home, and I got a brand-new hairdo the other day!