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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Catching Up With Wonder Boy

Whever I'm feeling kind of blah, out of sorts, totally emotionless and futile, I put some fun music in the CD player and I dance and sing along.
(Today's selection was Jamiroquai.)
The living room is my stage and I'm the star of the show. I only have an audience of one, my dog Rico, and that's just how I like it.
And I can't sing. At all.
And I dance like a white boy.
I'm sure Rico would have covered his ears if he could, and he had this look on his face that said,
"Yep, Daddy's gone crazy again."
I haven't gone crazy. Au contraire, mon frere! This is what keeps me sane.
This is my therapy.

I'm in a good mood today because it's my second day off in a row. For the past two weeks I've been working my off days and working double shifts to make extra money. Plus, people call out at the drop of a hat and I'm the go-to person when they're in a jam.
"Jimmy, three people called out and we're short-staffed. Can you come in?"
And I'm the boy who can't say "no", so I end up going in whether I want to or not.
I made a promise to myself that I wasn't going to work on my days off this week, even if the restaurant was on fire. I was determined to side-button any calls from the Occupation, but luckily I haven't gotten any.
Will wonders never cease?

I'm trying to plan something for the husband's and my 7-year anniversary, which is coming up April 1st. We haven't gone on a trip in awhile, and both of us need to get out of Dodge, even if it's just for a little while. Just pack up and get out of Baltimore, out of Maryland, and away from all of this and go . . . someplace else.
He suggested going to Canada again, which sounds good to me. We've been to Montreal, so I think we should go somewhere else in Canada. Niagra Falls, maybe?
We'll just have to see what happens.

We acquired a new purchase not too long ago, that I'm asbsoloutely loving: a huge flat plasma screen TV. The cool thing is you can hang it on the wall like a picture.
The TV, plus the surround-sound speaker system makes going to the theater almost obsolete. And the Wonder Woman episodes (I have all three seasons of the TV show on DVD) look fabulous on it, too.
I swear, technology is wonderful.

Speaking of technology, I just found out people can send photos direct to my mobile phone via email.
If you happen to feel like sending me any interesting photos, send 'em to: wonder_boy[at]pm[dot]sprint[dot]com.

Anyway . . . What else is new? Let's see.
Oh, yeah, as for my recovery I hope you'll be pleased to know that I am almost back to normal. The slight puffyness that remained has all gone away, and I'm starting to get the feeling back in my face.
Nobody looking would ever know that anything had happened.
So thankfully, everything's going to be alright.
Now, more than ever, I feel like I have a guardian angel looking out for me. Otherwise, I don't think I'd be here.