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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Life Is Full Of Toil And Blunder

Didn't forget about the ol' blog, but posting on here had to kind of take a back seat.
I've been picking up extra shifts and working my days off to prepare for vacation which begins Thursday night.
I'm so tired, but it will all be worth it.

What are we doing? I'm so glad you asked!

The 1st of April is G. and my anniversary - 7 years together.

I will pause to let the magnitude of that set in.

So Thursday night, we're headed to my friend Josh's timeshare in Myrtle Beach where we will spend three luxurious days probably doing nothing more than relaxing in the hot tub and making love as much as we can.
We really need this.
We need time off together, out of Baltimore, and away from our lives for a little while.
Not that life is Hell by any stretch, we just need a change of scenery.

Then after that, we're headed to Thomasville to spend a couple of days with my Mom, who I'm kind of worried about.
Ever since Dad passed away she's been living alone in that house, all isolated.
Of course, I try to call as much as I can and let her know that I love her and that I care, but I know she's lonely, and aside from her sisters (most of whom live far away and have families of their own) I'm all that she has.
I know she's looking forward to our visit, and so am I.
I miss her, too.

Anyway, I probably won't be posting 'til sometime after I get back, but you never know, I might slip an audio post (or two) in here.

So until next time . . .