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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Who's That Guy?

I've never seen anything else he's done, but I first noticed Eric Balfour when I saw the (rather pointless, in my opinion) remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre not too long ago.

This guy has everything that I like. You can't tell by the photos I've posted, but he has a killer smile and big beautiful brown eyes. You can (easily) tell, though, that he's built like a brick shi outhouse. Very manly, muscled, and strong looking, but not overtly so.
But look at that tiny little waist! (The better to wrap my arms (or legs) around, my dear!)
He's got the mustache and goatee thing going on, but that just makes him appear devilish and mischievious and even more appealing.
(Bad boys are HOT!)

There's no telling where his career will go from here, but I'll be keeping my eyes open to see more (literally!) of him in the future.