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Life is only what you wonder.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Travels With My Anti-Hero

Back from vacation.
It was fun, relaxing and enjoyable -- but over way too soon.

We didn't stay in Myrtle Beach as planned. The timeshare there was booked solid. Instead we went to Fairfield Resort in Williamsburg.

You know, I would reccomend going to a resort to anyone. I had never stayed in one before and I was amazed at how nice everything was.
First, the accomodations were like living in a luxury apartment. Living room with a huge TV, VCR and DVD player, dining room, fully-stocked kitchen with plates glasses, silverware and appliances, spacious bedroom and a bathroom twice the size of the one in our house. Turn a dial on the wall and the music on the stereo is piped into any (or every) room in the unit. The unit even had a washer and dryer, and a dishwasher.
That's just the living quarters. Not far away was the "Recreation Center" with an indoor and outdoor pool, spa, hot tub / jaccuzi. There was an arcade, weight room, pool tables.
I could go on and on about how nice it was, but I won't.

The night life in the area left something to be desired, though. The closest gay bars were in Richmond, a 40 minute drive away, and there were only two to choose from.
I'm spoiled, I guess. If I want to go to a gay bar in Baltimore they're less than a ten minute's drive and theres seven or eight to choose from, and a half dozen more if I drive a little farther, and all of DC's bars if I feel like driving 45 minutes.
The one we spent the most time at was this place called Barcode. It kind of reminded me of the "pub" part of Grand Central (without the pool tables).
Going to bars in other areas is weird because it's so not what I'm used to. Bars in Baltimore are kind of segregated. The cute young club boys go to the Hippo, the slightly older guys go to Grand Central, Leon's and The Drinkery are the "wrinkle rooms", the leather and fetish guys go to the Eagle, The black thugs go to Club Bunns and the Sportsman and all the ladies go to Gallagher's, Port in a Storm, or Coconuts. (I've left out some places, but you get my drift.
Of course there are other kinds of people that go to those places. I've been known to sip (a powerfully strong) cocktail with my gay brothas at the Sportsman now and again, but almost every time I've gone I was the only white boy there, and I've also been known to shoot a hot game of pool while tippling a drink at the Port with my lesbian "sisters", but I was also one of the very few men there.
But when you go to bars in rural areas and everybody is there. All ages and races and sexes (although I didn't see any "thugish" black people or guys dressed in leather from head to toe). I guess if it's the only gay bar for miles, it's gonne be like that -- a bar for everybody.
It was kind of nice, actually.

So we had a really good time. We visited my Mom for a day and she was so happy to see us.
My mother is so motherly -- I love it. She packed us brown bag lunches for the drive back with sandwiches, and Little Debbie oatmeal cream piees and she made me promise to call her the instant we got back, so she would know we were safe. I didn't have a mother for the longest time, so I miss this kind of treatment.

Anyway, now I'm back, and it's back to work.
It was fun and you wish it could last forever, but it dosen't.

We're planning another trip in August or Sepember. Don't know where we'll be going, but I can't wait.