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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Choose A Number From 0 to 10 That Best Describes Your Pain

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and I worked.

I could just leave it there, just say that I worked yesterday, but that wouldn't describe the magnitude of the event.

Mother's Day is the worst day of the year for restaurant workers. It's like the Friday after Thanksgiving for the people that work in retail sales.
Mother's Day (said with utter dread in their voices) is discussed two month's in advance. Nobody get's to take it off, everybody works, and if you call in sick, you better be a cold white stiff corpse 'cause no other excuse will cut it.
Luckily, I worked the breakfast/lunch shift, which is slightly less Hellish than night shift. At least with the earlier shift you get a little breather between 11:30 and 12:30 while most people are in Church, and it doesn't start to get really bad 'til about an hour before it's time to go.

We were giving out long-stemmed carnations to all the mothers. Since you can't tell by looking who is a mother and who isn't, every female of child-bearing age and older was given one.
I was giving them out near the end of the meal, arounf dessert and coffee time. This was to keep them fresh 'til right before they had to go, and also to save space on the tables. Who want's a wet-stemmed flower sitting on thier table all through their meal, right?
"Thanks for dining with us. Happy Mother's Day!" I'd say as I handed out the cranations.
Well, I had people who had just gotten seated getting all indiginant with me. "How come they get flowers and I don't?! Where's my carnation?!"
Automatically assuming I'd forgotten about them or overlooked them.
They didn't get a flower and they were pissed and, by God, they were going to make their voices heard!
I'm there to serve food and drinks, not hand out flowers, so I said screw it. As soon as people were seated I handed out flowers, just to get it over with.
Then they asked me to put them back in water 'til the end of their meal so they wouldn't wilt!
Sometimes you just can't win no matter what you do.

Anyway, I got through it, and my pain level was only at #6.
As I was walking out the door I saw the line going all the way around the restaurant.
Those poor, poor night shift people. How I pitied them.
But what did I care, I was free!

I'm off today, and though I usually spend Mondays cleaning the house, I'm going to take it easy today. Take a hot bath, lounge around.
Cleaning can always wait 'til tomorrow.