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Life is only what you wonder.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Coming Soon

Baltimore's Gay Pride is coming up this weekend.
And according to the website (and all the gay newspapers that litter the top of every cigarette machine in every gay bar in this city) washed-up former 80's pop star Tiffany will be performing at the Block Party in the heart of Mount Vernon sometime Saturday evening.
Big whoop, right?

Actually, it kinds sorta is, it's just hard for me to get jazzed up about it all.
It's gonna be too muxh drinking, too much smoking, too much bad-for-you food (like the big smoked sausage sandwich I end up getting every year) a long wait for restrooms, too many people.

But on the other hand, I'll be comfortably numb, surrounded by my husband and friends, and I'll see people I've known from long ago I haven't seen since prob'ly last year.
Oh, yeah, and they'll be plenty of Eye Candy. (How could I forget the Eye Candy?)

It's an even trade-off, I guess.

Oh, I'll be really psyched about it by the time Saturday Morning rolls around.
Who am I trying to fool?