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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, June 23, 2006

The Pride Thing

After starting out pretty rough, Saturday's Pride Festival turned out to be OK this year.
Before it got to that, however, things weren't looking too pretty.

First, I had alrealy previously arranged it beforehand that my relief would come in at three o'clock instead of four so I could get home, washed up and changed for the Parade which was to begin at four. (So they say, but it always runs a few minutes late.)
Anyhoo, when I got to work I found out my refief couldn't make it in early.

My balloon was officially busted.

Work was horrible. I don't know if it was just my frame of mind, but the whole day was just a struggle to keep it together.
Then, my relief showed up a half-hour late. My eyes were glowing red and I was frothing at the mouth at this point.

OK, Jimmy, chill out, at least you're out of that torture chamber, I told myself.

So I get home, shower, shave, do the do', don my ensemble and we're out the door. After we get to Mount Vernon we end up driving around looking for parking. Probably only took a half-hour or so, but it seemed like forever.

I promised to send my buddy Stephen some photos and videos from my cell phone. He lives in another state and had never been to a Pride before anywhere.
"Take plenty of pics and videos," he advised me, "I want to feel like I'm there with you."
Normally that would be easy; I can whip out my phone and snap a picture faster than Jesse James can sling his gun. But right at that moment my phone decided to malfunction and I couldn't send (or recieve) any media but text messages.

So everything was just going wrong.

Then I ran into my old buddy Mike, who I've known since we were both underage and sneaking into the clubs hoping we wouldn't get carded. Seeing him, and other old friends, plus the several cocktails I consumed, and (most importantly) my husband being right by my side, totally turned everything around. I can't even describe it. Something just clicked, like someone flipped a switch in my head.
Not that I plan to analyze it too much.
Things like that you just don't question.

So it was good.
And, as predicted, I drank too much, smoked too much, and partied too hard.
Mea culpa, at least I ended up having fun.

P.S. Thanks to Alan for the photos, although I suppose I should have asked first!