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Life is only what you wonder.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

My first post

Well, I just thought that I would take a moment and write to all of Jimmy's readers.
I have known him for quite some time, we were together when Princess Diana died. I know that he hasn't been writing real regular, and I am so fortunate to get the opportunity to make an entry on his blog.
So, Hi to all of you out there. I am nestled in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona.
I relocated here from the East Coast for a job promotion. I am employed in our Federal Government, and work very hard for you at giving you good government.
There are many harworking, nose to the grindstone leaders and workers in our Government. I am proud to go to work for and with them everyday.

But, on a different note, none of us can drive on the same road with each other out here in Phoenix, not like the skilled drivers in CA, or back East.
Nope, there are so many different driving styles out here, and everyone does their own thing.
I always wipe my brow and let out a big Phew! when I get to my workplace just 4 miles and 7 minutes travel time away.

And, if any of you follow the news, the authorities have caught the baseline killer.

Well, hope all of you are well, and I will be writing from time to time!