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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Time to retire the old Mustang

Hi All,
It is Fireguy again, and I am going through the automobile blues.
Anyone know what it feels like to watch the inanimate object that they spent so much time with die a slow and horrible death?
Well, I am beginning to know the feeling.
Living out here in Phoenix has taken its toll on my poor old 1998 Silver Mustang.
It has 162,233 miles driven on it and all mine.
And I started to think about the amount of time I spent inside it and where it has taken me in this wonderful country.
Here is my thought on the time:
If I drove each mile in a minute that would be 162, 233 minutes of driving time at 60 miles in an hours OR
1. 162,233 divided by 60 = 2704 hours OR
2. 67.5 full-time 40 hour work weeks of driving time
WOW, what a lot of driving in 8 years.
Then I thought about the last eight years of life and you know, that car has taken me from my birthplace state-NJ to my first Federal career in Texas, to Indiana, to Phoenix, to Atlanta, and back to Phoenix where I now reside stil working in a Federal career.
And it never let me down until I got here to Phoenix, where I had all of the repairs:
The air conditioning was fixed twice and is about to go a third time, the clutch was repaired, and the battery died twice already in two years.
And, I know what you are thinking, cars wear out, so what no big deal, it is like that white tshirt that is old, buy a new one.

But you know it doesnt feel like that to me, and it saddens me to know that my Mustang wont be my vehicle too much longer.
Because no matter what I do, it is gonna go, no matter how much money I dump into it, it is gonna go, no matter how many battery transplants or oil transfusions ithas it is gonna go to Mustang heaven.

When I think about that, my tears well up but I hold them back because I know that when my Mustang finally goes it will be at peace.

Peace to All !