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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, August 11, 2006

You know it has been one of THOSE weeks, when...

You know it has been one of those weeks when:
1. You get up in the morning to go to work, and it 12 in the afternoon and your workday started at 7am.
2. You get stopped at a random police checkpoint, and it is the one day you forgot your wallet.
3. You open the garage door to get your car out only to find that the flat you got fixed the day before mysteriously caused the tire in the front to go flat.
4. You try to pay for lunch and your debit card's magnetic strip is damaged, and who carries cash with them anymore.

And last but not least,
5. You know it is one of those weeks when you meet three boys the same night, and accidentally schedule dinner with two of them the following evening. And they both call you up and cancel in the afternoon.

Alas though, the week is gone, those experiences are nothing but a mere memory, and my pal Wonderboy has always told me to look for the silver lining in all the crazy stuff that happens to us.
Like, the police saw the flat tire and told me to go get it fixed, and never did check my credentials. And the two boys that cancelled on me--both called me back the next day to reschedule. And I was just enjoying the mere fact that I had some numbers to put in my cell phone, it is about time I am in double digits.

Thanks for reading my entrires, I know I dont have one-tenth the talent my Wonderboy buddy has in the writing thing, but I am enjoying the opportunity to write.